ML24 is an automotive research and development company that specialize in aftermarket design and custom fabrication. Our goal is to provide unique, exclusive, and futuristic designs to the automotive aftermarket industry. We provide custom and conceptual design solutions for private individuals and corporations.

Matthew Law is an automotive designer based in Toronto, Canada. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Industrial and Transportation Design and specializes in automotive and concept design. Matthew’s exceptional knowledge of and appreciation for materials in automotive surfacing and forms has led to many worldwide vehicle projects. From top show vehicles within Canada to numerous project vehicles displayed at the annual SEMA Show, his designs and artworks reflect the superior quality and time he invests in the design field.


Matthew provides design consulting services such as: sketching, digital renderings, and 3D CAD modeling under His design consulting services demonstrate the extensive skill set he possesses; clients attain the utmost confidence and understanding of: the project materials, form, function, research, and product development.


Matthew creates the product designs and artworks for ML24.

Ps-Garage is a high-end rendering house that produces top quality graphic work for automotive and aftermarket industries. Established in November 2004, Ps-Garage began as a community of designers, artists, and enthusiasts. The vision of the Ps-Garage team has evolved over the past 10 years to where we are today; Ps-Garage is at the forefront of automotive concepts, technology, and design philosophy. With over 20 years of combined experience, Ps-Garage offers an extensive range of advanced, innovative, design and visualization services to individual consumers and companies to develop and present their products competitively in the market.


Ps-Garage’s two design studios (Canada and Europe) deliver efficient, reliable services and short turnaround times as each product’s development and production is kept within these facilities alone. Their work has been published and displayed across the internet and throughout print media; their features have appeared in both international newspapers and automotive magazines which highlight Ps-Garage’s vision and revolutionary processes to the global industry.



Balonbay is a dynamic, Canadian company that offers its diverse in-house services to the Greater Toronto Area. From commercial-grade 3D laser scanning to 3D printing, Balonbay utilizes state-of-the-art tools and technologies for: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and reverse-engineering projects.


Balonbay holds over 14 years of combined experience rooted in the fundamentals of industrial design. Their in-house services are distinctly known for their accuracy and high professional standards. Balonbay’s proficient understanding of product design and surfaces allows them to: capture, extract and reform digital geometry from any object while still keeping true to the object’s aesthetic form and mechanical function; this is all possible from their refined workflow and industrial-grade acquisition tools utilized with utmost precision.

Can Jam Motorsports is one of Canada’s most experienced and decorated motorsports facilities within North America. Established in 1982, the company became famous for its “Subaru Rally Team Canada.” From this time forward, they have won over 25 Canadian National Rally & Road Racing Championships and hundreds more competitions.


Can Jam Motorsports provide services to all car consumers, from the casual enthusiast to the professional race team. Can Jam stands behind their reputation as the premier Subaru tuning shop in the GTA for all maintenance and motorsport needs; our full suite contains top-of-the-line diagnostic and tuning equipment which will bring you the winning success and quality drive for your vehicle.