Scion FR-S Wide Body Fender Arches

The set comes with two front fenders and two rear fenders (4-pieces in total).


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Set includes the following:

  • Front Left Wide Body Fender Arch
  • Front Right Wide Body Fender Arch
  • Rear Left Wide Body Fender Arch
  • Rear Right Wide Body Fender Arch



  • Fiberglass (standard)





MSRP: $1899.00


Please See Version 2


January 1, 2016 Notice: This product is officially discontinued and we do not have any more sets in-stock or in our inventory. This product has been replaced by the Version 2 Wide Body Kit.


If you received or purchased this product AFTER December 31, 2015 from a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler, it is counterfeit. Please report these purchases to us immediately.


ML24 is proud to be a Canadian bodykit and prototyping company. All our bodykit products are handmade, in-house, at our facility in Toronto, Canada.


Released in January 2013, this wide body kit was first shown on Pat Cyr's drift Scion FR-S. Inspired by Japanese Bosozuku style, the fender arches emphasize the Scion FR-S' sculptural fenders, giving the vehicle a muscular stance. The recommended wheel size for this body kit is 18" (with straight wall tires) or 19" (with stretched or low profile tires).


The over-fenders lay over the stock OEM quarter panels, no trimming or cutting is necessary in order to fit the kits.


The wide body fender arches end before the side skirts (as shown in the images above), which leaves room for optional aero lip kit. This set is part of a modular design and works with our ML24 Scion FR-S Aero Lip Kit.


The front fenders are 40mm (roughly 1.5") wide from the body (per side), and the rear fenders are 65mm (roughly 2.5") wide from the body (per side).


*As seen in the photos and renderings, the fenders come with rivet hole placements. We provide installation at our shop as well as optional "smoothing" out the holes, please contact us for further details.


**Rivets are not included in the set as the specific rivet size is personal preference. Hole drilling is required - please refer to the specific rivet size for proper measurement.

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