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ML24 is a research and development studio designing for transportation, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. As a multi-disciplinary design consultancy, we specialize in strategic product development and collaborative workflow. Our company’s core focus is innovative problem solving and delivering exceptional quality through design solutions.

Through our wide-ranging forms of artistic and technical services, we empower businesses by building and strengthening assets. This is performed through one of our many outlets: styling design and visualization, product form and mechanical development, metrology-grade object capture, and prototype fabrication.

ML24 Design Consultancy Group

Our Brands

We are an integrated studio operating under the following brand names: Ps-Garage,, ML24, Balonbay Laser Scanning, and Although our vast service offerings span across various industries, we are one team with a singular vision: to provide and execute valuable design. Learn more about our brands here.

Portfolio & Projects

View samples of our work and past projects

What Do We Do?

We specialize in designing vehicles, exterior and interior upgrades, wheels, as well as all the all the necessary tasks to create thoughtful designs. Our services also branch out to neighboring industries, such as: transportation, consumer goods, tooling die, equipment and accessories.


We Design for Industry

Helping our clients build resourceful and impactful assets is the central focus of what we do. We are a team of professionally trained Industrial and Transportation Designers proficient in developing ideas and products for custom prototyping and manufacturing.


International Standards

Our strong background in manufacturing and fabrication, combined with over 16 years of experience, ensures we continuously provide design work that meet stringent international standards for the corresponding production methods.


Learn More About Our Services

Learn more about our complete service offerings and how we can help strengthen your brand’s designs.

Our Services

Our service offerings are organized in the following categories. Learn more about our in-house solutions here:

Product Design Consulting

Our team offers consulting and guidance to help bring your ideas to life. We believe in customizing each project and product for maximum time and cost efficiency. Additionally, we are happy to provide advice on how our in-house services can assist and contribute to your company’s assets.

Metrology-Grade Laser Scanning

High-quality product design starts with having reliable, consistent, and precise data. Our expertise lies in metrology-grade laser scanning that meets the ISO accreditation standards. We own and use multiple in-house industry-leading units to maintain optimal quality control.

Visual Design Communication

Drawings can be used to convey ideas, sell product, contain specifications for engineering and manufacturing, and be a previewing tool. We provide a wide range of illustrative, drafting, and visualizing services in various formats: 2D, 3D, and animation.

Prototyping and Fabrication

Building models is an effective method to verify and test design geometry, ergonomics, and mechanical performance. Our company provides various services, including multi-material modeling, mold-making, rapid prototyping, industrial-grade 3D printing, and additive manufacturing.