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About Us

About Us

Who We Are, What We Do

We are a full stack design consultancy specializing in research and development for transportation, industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our studio is based in Ontario, Canada and we provide services for local and international clients. As a multi-disciplinary design team, we focus on collaborative workflow, strategic product development, and innovative problem solving.

At our design studio, we offer a wide range of artistic and technical services, with the aim to empower businesses through strengthening assets. This is performed through one of our many outlets: styling design and visualization, product form and mechanical development, metrology-grade object capture, and prototype fabrication.

Our background in transportation design helped us specialize and focus in the automotive aftermarket industry. Although we are frequently known as “Automotive Architects”, our skillset and experience has allowed us to collaborate with many neighboring industries as well. Today, our design work ranges from automotive accessories, styling upgrades, and full vehicles, to consumer and manufactured goods, and designing for low to high volume production.

Our Work

One of the distinguishing features of our studio is our focus on centralization and vertical integration of our disciplines. Whereas a traditional industrial design studio will typically only perform and deliver visual design work in-house (such as sketches, renderings, drawings, drafting, etc.) and outsource other tasks, we provide a full-line-of-service, assisting our customers from start-to-finish, and we also own all the industrial equipment such as three metrology-grade laser scanners, a diverse collection of rapid prototyping units and printers, and model fabrication tools. This integrated process allows us to better control projects every step of the way; providing exceptionally high quality of work for our customers.

We primarily collaborate with manufacturers, suppliers, agencies, fabricators, motorsport teams, and firms; supplying them with valuable design for visualization, analysis, and production. Our contribution to their respective projects is often for private development. However, our work is visible in publicly released products and designs, having countless projects featured in international media, on shelves in stores worldwide, and regularly on display at conventions and trade shows, such as the annual SEMA Show. Learn more about our services in further detail here.

Our History

In 2004, Matthew Law founded Ps-Garage as an online community for artists and designers to gather and share creative ideas. The team at Ps-Garage continued to grow and evolve in the following years, and officially began offering its services professionally to the automotive aftermarket in 2007. Ps-Garage’s portfolio works have been published and shown in global newspapers, automotive magazines, and various international media. Today, Ps-Garage is a dedicated wheel design studio and rendering house.

The next several years marked a major advancement for the studio. As part of our initiative to expand into product development and design, our entire team was professionally trained in Industrial and Transportation Design (Bachelor’s Degree). Even to this day, our team’s backbone and foundation is rooted in Industrial Design thinking; allowing us to approach challenges and solve problems with thoughtful consideration.

Our Brands

In 2012, Matthew launched the ML24 brand with our signature line of automotive product designs. The styling products exemplified our expertise in designing-for-production, including: structured workflows, high-precision 3D laser scanning, 3D CAD sculpting and modeling, as well as prototype fabrication.

In 2013, due to popular demand for private label services, we began offering our in-house laser scanning services publicly with the introduction of the Balonbay. Balonbay is distinguished by being a dedicated laser scanning service provider. Under this label, we offer our commercial-grade metrology services to a wide variety of non-automotive industries, including: consumer goods, aviation, electronics, sports and athletics equipment, machine parts, mold and tooling die, manufacturing and inspection, etc.

Today, ML24 LTD continues to be the centralized studio that own, manage, and operate these brands. Learn more about our individual brands and at this page.