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Our Brands


Est. 2004 - Ps-Garage is a dedicated wheel design studio and rendering house. We provide services for wheel brands and manufacturers worldwide, ranging from mass produced cast, to custom machined forged wheels. We focus on high quality visual presentations and taking a design-first approach to wheel development while meeting stringent function and manufacturing standards.

Est. 2007 - Matthew Law, owner of ML24, is a skilled industrial and transportation designer who developed a passion for visual arts at a young age. Matthew sees automotive customization as performance enhancement merged with expression of personality. If vehicles made a statement and told a story like clothing items, is an automotive fashion consultant.


Est. 2012 - ML24 specializes in creating advanced styling product designs for the automotive aftermarket industry. We offer assistance to companies seeking products with exceptional creative and technical standards. Our design ethos centers around providing precise and unique approaches, while executing projects with streamlined efficiency and uncompromising quality.

Balonbay Laser Scanning

Est. 2013 - Balonbay is a laser scanning focused consultancy, assisting corporations of all sizes with investing in proprietary geometry assets. Our serviceable region allows us to support local businesses with metrology-grade scanning, reverse-engineering, and additive manufacturing for countless industries, including: mold and tooling die, inspection, restoration, and product development.

Est. 2022 - is a division of Balonbay, dedicated exclusively to automotive laser scanning. One of the differentiating factors of is our deep knowledge in working with vehicular components and platforms. With over a decade of experience in laser scanning a wide range of vehicles (from motorcycles to freight semi-trucks), we provide the highest quality of reliable, consistent automotive scan data.