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Our Services

Our studio’s service offerings are organized into the following four categories: Product Design Consulting, Metrology-Grade Laser Scanning, Visual Design Communication, and Prototyping and Fabrication. A complete, detailed list of all our services is shown below on this page. For those looking to have a better understanding of our unique Structured Workflow, please view our guide here.

Product Design Consulting

As a firm focused on research and development, we provide dedicated consultation services on how to bring innovative ideas to fruition. Our team understands the value of tailoring each project and product to suit your specific needs and requirements, guaranteeing optimum efficiency in terms of time and cost. Additionally, we offer insightful advice on how we can assist with the various procedures and phases with our in-house services.


Metrology-Grade Laser Scanning

Our design studio stands out for its in-house industrial-grade laser scanning services. We own three metrology-grade, ISO-accredited units that allow us to scan objects of all sizes and complexities. Laser scanning is an integral part of design development. Scanned data can be used for various purposes such as: inspecting parts and tooling, restoration, or developing components. Combined with our automotive background and expertise, we are the premier vehicle scanning studio in Ontario, Canada.


Visual Design Communication

Our studio started with providing high quality visual illustration and renderings. To this day, visual design remains a core focus of our company’s services. We provide drawings that can be used to communicate ideas and designs, market and sell product, contain precise data and dimensions for engineering and manufacturing, as well as used as a previewing tool. Our team specializes in providing a wide range of artistic and drafting services in various formats: 2D, 3D, and animation.


Prototyping and Fabrication

Creating customized prototype models is an efficient method for visualizing desired outcomes, as well as testing and verifying the geometry, ergonomics, strength, durability, and functionality. In addition to consultation, scanning, and design, our studio also provides model building services, multi-material fabrication, experimental concept models, mold-making, industrial-grade 3D printing, and additive manufacturing for select low-volume design projects.


Complete List of Services

Below you will find a comprehensive list of our service offerings. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding technical specifications, deliverables, or quotations.:

Design Research

Preliminary research to gather resources, materials, and existing market data for project brief.

Product Design Consultation

Tailored guidance and problem-solving advice for design projects.

2D Sketch Development

Traditional line sketches are quick and effective for visualizing ideas.

2D Coloured Renderings

Often digital, coloured renderings offer a level of realism and believability.

3D Laser Scanning

Metrology-grade laser scanning at 25 micron accuracy, ISO 17025 Accredited.

3D Inspection

Efficient method for cross-referencing physical geometry to CAD comparison.


Re-surfacing scanned data into precise, reliable, usable CAD formats.

3D CAD Design

Exploration and specification of design details in standard CAD formats.

3D CAD Renderings

Photo-realistic preview visualization of the final design, generated from working data files.

3D Animation

An effective method to view the design work from any angle or position in motion.

Model Building and Prototyping

Fabricating models with cosmetic and functional representations.

Additive Manufacturing

Mold-free production with industrial-grade materials, ideal for low-volume quantity manufacturing.